Shezam Equestrian Stirrup Socks / Covers - The perfect way to maintain your saddle in prestine condition! They are now available in a heavy duty Microfleece in all your favorite horsey colours! The socks have been made in a draw string style bag with a plastic toggle to keep them snug tight around your stirrups and a swivel clip to attach to your saddle which prevent slipping and allows you to leave on whilst lunging. The fabric is perfect for the stables as it is easy to dust off and hay does not stick to it! Suitable for all dressage stirrups including free jump stirrups. Various colours and patterns are available. If you have a specific colour scheme please let me know and I can make to order.Great for personal use or why not purchase as a gift for a friend or family member who has just bought a new saddle.

Shezam Equestrian Stirrup Socks




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